HRDC provides legal aid services, psycho-social and medical services free of charge.
These services are provided by specialized staff, consisting of:
• Social Worker
• Lawyer / Advocates
• Doctor Practitioner

Services offered

Provision of  legal services (provision of legal advice and representation in court, Paralegal services (intervention to resolve administrative issues), Clinics services (training of individuals to pursue their cases to  administrative and judicial institutions); psychosocial services (supporting emotional and psychological, individual and group counseling, addressing to specialized centers of cases,  consultation, guidance and assistance in finding employment for women / girls, and orientation to professional course provided by state and NGO-s) and medical services (counseling / information, education ( breast screening), referrals to other organizations that provide medical services.

Who can benefit from these services?

• Citizens who claim violations of human rights by public institutions or  individuals;
• Victims of domestic violence (women / men, minors);
• Persons who claim unequal treatment by state institutions (discriminatory behavior);
• Individuals who need legal information, psychosocial treatment or medical consultations;

Their status:

Women  households with no income
Persons with disabilities or mental disabilities and / or physical
Members of vulnerable communities as they Roma and Egyptian
Persons serving their sentence in detention institutions  in Albania

Statistics of HRDC work for period  January – December 2013

 Since its activity began, HRDC has developed a strong track record for its work in protection of women rights and the prevention of domestic violence; provision of services to victims/survivors of DV, including direct services such as free legal aid, face-to-face counseling, court support for those wishing redress against such human rights abuses, and referral services to state and non state agencies.

In 2013, HRDC team has provided services for:

• Legal Consultancy – 263 cases
• Legal representation – 119 cases
• Drafting of legal documents – 205
•Psycho-emotional Consultancy – 132

Legal advice:
Legal counseling provided in 263 cases, consisting essentially of family matters and civil nature, without excluding criminal matters. Dominant issues were the one with object issuance of protection orders, divorce, provision of economic assistance, property, enforcement of judgments, recognition / rejection / confirmation of paternity, child abandonment, child registration, criminal responsibility / alternative punishments / terms detention / probation, etc..
The Center has concluded that over 50% of cases assisted by its lawyers through legal consultancy managed to send the case to trial before the Tirana District Court and majority  have reached the effective protection of their rights.

Legal representation:
The right to be protected is one of the most important components of the right to a fair trial, a right that is provided in the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and the European Convention of Human Rights. HRDC does the legal representation. We have provided legal representation for 119 cases, mainly related to family issues such as  issuance of  protection orders and divorce. Related to  protection  orders, we have  represented to the court 93  cases, out of which 87% of women have benefited protection orders, whilst  in three other cases, case was dismissed upon the  request of the plaintiff. Regarding the divorce, the petition request is accepted by the court in all cases. We have represented 26 women, out of whom 95 % of them are successfully resolved, and 5% dismissed. 

Preparing legal documents:
In fulfillment of the requirements lodged to HRDC, lawyers have  assisted 205  individuals through the preparation of documentation to the Court or other institutions (claim / countercharge, appeal, request) as an element without which there cannot be initiated judicial or administrative process. Principal lawsuits are the one related to protection orders, divorce, property, paternity, labor relations, execution of court decisions, etc.

Psycho emotional and medical advice:

Provision of  emotional and psychological counseling has consisted mainly in individual counseling but also in the group.

Centre has provided psycho emotional assisatnce for 132 women/grils, mostly survivors of DV, and prepared  8  psycho-emotional reports.
The center also offered medical advice to the cases presented and made the referral and mediation with respective health institutions. Medical consultancy offered consisted mainly of women's health issues, family planning, STD's, KMCAP benefit etc..

Beneficiaries of legal assistance, psycho - emotional assistance and drafting of legal documents in Tirana police stations and Detention Institution 313 ( Women's Section ) :

One of the main activities carried out by HRDC in 2013 is monitoring the Tirana Police Stations and Detention Institution 313 ( Women's Section ) in connection with the observance of the rights of persons accommodated in these institutions . During these monitoring sessions, Center has provided legal services and psycho - emotional assistance about these people and addressed identified violations:


• HRDC conducted in Tirana stations  24 monitoring sessions and offered legal advice and psycho - emotional counseling for persons detained / arrested and accompanied
• In Detention Institution 313 , HRDC has developed 20 monitoring sessions , during these sessions has provided legal counseling, and  psycho - emotional assistance for  167 women / girls and drafted legal documents for 9 women / girls accommodated in this institution.

Strengthening social and economic rights

in the context of improving the socio-economic situation of women / girls and vulnerable categories, the Center has collaborated with state agencies, private and NGO and as a result of this collaboration is made ​​possible:

- Employment of 38 women / girls
- Involvement in professional courses of 23 women / girls
- Facilitating access to services ( to  state institutions ) of  200 women / girls .

Beneficiaries of training

in the context of building and strengthening local capacities, Centre has developed training for women / girls in the community regarding various legal issues / social and medical. Trainings are focused on such issues of women’s rights, increase health culture, domestic violence,  etc. These trainings were attended by 184 women / girls.