Main activities of the Centre are:

• Conduction of  periodic awareness campaigns related to informing the community about human rights, the means for the protection of human rights, enhancing community awareness, in particular women and girls to prevent and protect against violence in family relations remedies; increase knowledge on legal tools that provides Law No.9669, dated 18.12.2006, " Measures against  violence in family relations”• Monitoring of Police Stations and the penitentiary system

• Monitoring the Tirana District Court for the application of the law "On Measures against Violence in Family Relations" and the Law "On Protection from Discrimination"
• Provide legal services and court representation, providing psycho-social services for women / girls, mainly victims of domestic violence, and vulnerable groups/poor

• Training aiming at raising the capacity of public institutions (Health Centers, Police Stations, Schools, Bailiff Office)

• Legal education aiming at raising awareness of citizens regarding their legal and constitutional rights
•Conduction of workshops and training for socio-economic empowerment of women / girls, victims of domestic violence, minorities, persons with disabilities, etc.;
• Advocacy and lobbying aiming at democratization of the justice system and increase its effectiveness, through studying, monitoring and generalizing the experience of best practices in justice system

• Raising awareness through the publication of information on important legal issues and human rights