Some of the programs / projects implemented by HRDC in course of years may be mentioned

1."Social and psychological services for women/children affected by blood-feud”. This project was implemented in Tropoja district in 2005
2. Monitoring of Police Stations of Tirana - 2005
3. Regional Conference "The role of women in building democracy" -  Shkodra. Partner
4. "Monitoring of the parliamentary elections in Albania" July 2005
5. Summer University "South-Eastern Europe, between globalization and nationalism", 2005 - Main Partner, Vlora.
6. "Provision of multidisciplinary Services for vulnerable groups”, Bregu I Lumit,  Tirana - 2005
7. "Multidisciplinary services for vulnerable groups – Paskuqan commune - 2007
8. "Initiative for the establishing of a sustainable Community Centre in Tropoje - Local Capacity Building” - 2007
9. Summer University, "East European countries in the EU Integration Process" South. 2007 - Main Partner
10. “Strengthening Institutional Capacity of HRDC - Capacity building program for the organization” 2007
11. Awareness campaign against trafficking of women and children at Tropoja Border site of Morini; - 2007
12. Awareness campaign against Blood Feud in Tropoja  - 2007
13. Summer School "Cultural Diversity in Southeast Europe: Sustainable source of peace or conflict in the process of democratization and Euro-Atlantic integration". - Partner Project - 2008
14. "The Women’s Rights centre in Tropoja  and other relevant activities." 2009 -2011
15. Effective protection of human rights through lobbying, monitoring and advocacy" 2009 – 2011. Tirana – Kamza
16. For an effective implementation of the law "On measures against violence in family relations" - Increasing access to victims of domestic justice system. "2011
17. “Improve of health care response to domestic violence in rural areas of Tirana through supporting the effective implementation of DV law” - 2011
18. Monitoring of Local Elections May, 2011
19. “Community Coordinated Response System against domestic violence in Kamza municipality” – 2013
20. “Human rights protection and socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable groups, especially of women and people with disabilities”. Tirana and Kamza – 2012 – 2014
21. Empowerment of Tropoja women through their effective access to legal and social rights” –  2012 – 2014
22. "Addressing domestic violence through the Referral Mechanisms systems, and undertaking of actions to support the socio economic inclusion and empowerment of women/girls in local communities of Tirana district" - Supported by BFTW, Germany
23. "Coordinated actions to address needs of most vulnerable groups, especially victims of DV and discrimination in Kombinat, Tirana" - supported by OSI

24. Increasing capacities of providers of services for women survivors of violence This project is being implemented by the Human Rights in Democracy Centre and Shelter for Abused Women/Girls in the municipalities of Kamza and Lezha" - The project is funded by the European Commission and implemented with the support of UN Women Albania