Who are we
Human Rights in Democracy Center (HRDC) is non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization aiming to work for the respect, protection and fulfilment of human rights in Albania, and awareness of the Albanian society on the rule of law and human rights, with particular focus on vulnerable groups of society, such as women / girls, minors, minorities, etc.
HRDC is an independent and autonomous institution standing on the fore - front for promotion and protection of human rights in Albania.
Mission Statement
To protect and promote human rights as an independent  actor in civil society sector in Albania;
To bring sustainable improvements of social and economical position of women in Albanian society;
To strengthen democracy through advocacy, lobbing, monitoring, litigation of improvement the legislation
To empower vulnerable groups through education, awareness, training, capacity building, with special focus to women;
To be the legal voice of voiceless on human rights issues.

In 2011, the Center has developed a Strategic Plan and Financial Strategy for the relevant period from 2012 to 2014.
The Center's strategic objectives are:
1) Raising awareness of citizens on human rights – Promoting and Protecting the
Human Rights
2) Provision for vulnerable groups ( with strategic special focus to victims/survivors
of domestic violence) legal aid services, along with other supporting services
3) Legal empowerment of women through women rights clubs
4) Promote women’s economic empowerment
5) Improve women health, especially in rural areas
6) Undertake law improvements on women rights and advocacy
7) Monitoring of the Albanian justice system.
8) Raise awareness of treatment and respect of rights of accompanied, arrested, and
detainees, prisoners ( with special focus on women/girls)
9) Strengthening the capacity and sustainability of the organization

Our partners
During 12 years of centre’s activity, we have worked hard to strengthen relations with our partners nationally and internationally. Hence, we are happy to share any success with each of our partners, since they all, in one way or another, have contributed to continued growth and success of the HRDC. Our strategic partners are:
EED, Germany
WDP, Germany
Swiss Develoment Cooperation
UNDP Albania 

 Management Structure
HRDC is directed by the Executive Director, who constantly consults with the Board of Directors of the organization as well as the Advisory Board. Board is a decision-making structure consisting of three members. However, it is the staff that makes up the core of the organization through direct engagement in the implementation of various projects and programs to achieve its results.

Organizational Structure:
Human Rights in Democracy Centre, in its organizational structure has two local branches, one located in the Kamza Municipality and other one in Tropoja.

A)  Office in Kamza
 Human Rights in Democracy Centre operates in Kamza municipality since 2009. In 2011, the Center is distinguished by municipality as “The Organization of the Year" as a sign of recognition of its work in this community.
The main activities that the Centre is implementing in Kamza may be mentioned:
-Provision of services
Provision of  legal services (provision of legal advice and representation in court, Paralegal services (intervention to resolve administrative issues), Clinics services (training of individuals to pursue their cases to  administrative and judicial institutions); psychosocial services (supporting emotional and psychological, individual and group counseling, addressing to specialized centers of cases,  consultation, guidance and assistance in finding employment for women / girls, and orientation to professional course provided by state and NGO-s) and medical services (counseling / information, education ( breast screening), referrals to other organizations that provide medical services.
Information and awareness Centre
-Center provides information to enable women in situations of abuse to make their own choices and to recognize the services offered
-Capacity building (for community and state institutions) through the organization of training and workshops on human rights, domestic violence, trafficking and gender issues.

B)  Tropoja Office
Centre of Human Rights in Democracy operates in Tropoja since 2005. From this year onwards, HRDC has implemented several projects focused on improvement of the protection of human rights and improving the social status of women in society.

Main activities of the Centre may be mentioned:
-Undertaking  periodic awareness campaigns aimed at informing the community about human rights, the means for protection against the violation of human rights, enhancing community awareness, in particular women and girls for the prevention and protection from domestic violence by legal means; increase knowledge on legal tools that provides Law No.9669, dated 18.12.2006, " Measures against  violence in family relationship";
-Provision of social services, legal and psychological assistance to women/girls in Tropoje
-Complaints Centre
-Legal Education aimed at raising awareness of citizens regarding their legal and constitutional rights
-Training on violence and gender issues aimed at strengthening the capacities of women / girls
-Training that aims at  raising the capacity of public institutions (health centers, Police Station, court)
- Women's Rights Club
- Effective implementation of the Law "On measures against violence in family relations" by increasing the access of victims of domestic justice system.

HRDC is member of these domestic and international networks and Coalitions:

-Member of Coalition of Domestic Observers 
-Focal Point  for Albania of WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe)
-WIDE+ Network based in Brussels
- Member of AWID (Association for Women’s Rights in Development)
-IHREC (International Human Rights Consortium) based in USA
- Associate Member of European Women Lobby, Brussels
-Official member of YouthNet based on Vienna, Austria
-European Network Preventing Violence against Children and Young People, based in Austria